8 Cheap used convertibles that will make you happy

Feel the wind in your hair, have  fun with friends and put a big smile on your face! Whether its driving in a city or road-trip to somewhere, driving convertible is really a joy. And, contrary to old myth, convertible cars aren’t expensive luxury items. But they sure look like ones.

In many countries summer isn’t all year long, so you should have too cars. If you have family, you should have too cars. That’s expensive. But what if i told they’re great cabrio cars for decent money? So here are list of 8 convertible models, that you can afford and will be joyful:


Smart fortwo

Possible smallest convertible on the market but is enough for two people. If usual Smarts are in center of attention, Smart’s without roof is absolute eyecatcher. And from practical point of view, they are cheap and fun to drive. One drawback is they have wind and tyre noise, so they’re more suitable for city driving.

Starting price: 4000$

Volkswagen Beetle

While Beetle’s are considered more like a woman’s car, there’s no shame of having black Beetle convertible and driving your girl to beach or other place romantic. Woman love Beetle car and they surely love the convertibles!

Starting price: 7000$

Ford Mustang

Mustang is one of ultimate muscle cars and even if you aren’t American, you will love Mustang! 4-seater, powerful and great looking. Handling could be better but you can get used to it.

Starting price: 6000$

Chrysler Sebring

Another 4-seater, more conservative. It’s very comfortable & spacious, so driving Sebring convertible will be like driving a limousine. With no roof. Only drawback is bad handling in high speeds.

Starting price:4500$


Jeep Wrangler

Which said jeeps can’t be convertibles? And this is THE Jeep of jeeps.  Yes, it performs terribly on paved roads and is in the list of  least comfortable vehicles, because it’s a unique driving experience. Yes, it’s  noisy, rough riding, and difficult to enter& exit. But it’s retro looking, adventurous and definitely fun to drive with.

Starting price: 6000$

Mazda MX-5

Another small convertible. Good handling and great driving experience. Look sporty and drives sporty. As downsides we can mention  wind noise, tyre roar and exhaust drone during freeway driving. For 8000$ you can get 8 years old one.

Starting price: 8000$

Mini Cooper Convertible

With its remarkable design Cooper convertible is definitely an eye catcher. Interior is as unique as exterior, so that explains why so much people fall in love with Mini.But although it’s 4-seater, rear seats don’t offer too much space

Starting price: 8000$


Audi TT Roadster

This little brother of Audi R8 is luxurious and sporty. Benefits of TT ownership sfoul-weather drivability, turbocharged power, individualistic styling inside and out, a full load of luxury-style amenities and a smooth highway ride.

Starting price: 6500$

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  • 27/10/2015 at 2:08 pm

    I want that mustange but i only can afford a $100 dollar a month


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