Cars under 500 dollars

Cars under 500 dollars

Suggestions about buying car under 500$

Before searching for a car under 500 dollars, you must first understand what $500 car means – old, used car. Don’t get your expectations too high. However with luck and spending some time it is possible to find relatively decent car under 500$, which will be good for fun driving with friends (but don’t go on the highway) or for spare parts.
If you have a chance to get more money I would recommend under 1000$ cars or under 1500$ cars, otherwise keep reading this article.

If you feel comfortable on Internet, you can try online auctions and best one of course is eBay. See eBay listings under 500 dollars:

Car for driving

It isn’t impossible to get good-to-drive car under 500$. The questions are how long can you drive with it and how much it will cost to maintain. Before buying take familiar mechanic with you so he can tell which car is total garbage and which isn’t. Also, there are many cars for sale which have very low price only because owner thinks car is wreckage but with few repairments it would be good for some time. If your mechanic (or you ) can spot those cars, then congratulations – you have a bargain!

If car is for little weekend fun in backyard, find one which is drivable and drive it. At the end you can make some demolishing fun as well.
In addition if you have to put much money to repair and buy spare parts, then in longterm it’s cheaper to buy a bit more expensive car. Find cars under $1000.

Car for spare parts

If you want car for spare parts, you should know what parts exactly you need and when browsing cars look for them. For 500 bucks you can’t expect all parts to be in good condition, but if you spend some time you can get needed part & other stuff cheaper then buying just one part. Plus you have other parts which in worst scenario will be welcomed in scrap metal exchange.

If you don’t feel 100% confident about cars, take someone with more mechanical experience, so you don’t loose money!

Where to buy cars under 500$

You can use auto junkyards and used car lots, however for so low prices great ( I think the greatest) place is Government auctions. In short, these are auctions when various Government agencies are auctioning seized&surpus property, including cars. Prices usually are 50-60% off the market value, for cheap cars sometimes even 80-90%, so if you’re lucky decent car under 500 dollars IS possible. And it won’t be wreckage. Read about Gov auctions.

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