Cars under $600

Used cars under 600

600$ is enough for buying bicycle or simple motorcycle, but can you buy a car for 600 bucks? As matter of fact, you can. And this article will show you exactly how you can get running vehicles below 600$.

When you have 600 dollars for buying car, first you have to do – set your expectations low. For that amount of money you will get very used car with big mileage, and will sooner or later will require investments in repairs.

Don’t dream for some miracles or hidden gems, in this price range your realistic mission is to get car that is visually good and won’t demand expensive repairs. Jump to repairs

Where to get such car?

Ask your relatives, neighbors, friends if they have a running car they are willing to sell. This is best choice because if seller is know to you, he/she won’t sell you junk, will be able to inform you about car’s mechanical history and potential problems.

If not, another choice s Goverment auctions. This is place (more like service) where seized, surplus,confiscated items are being sold. It demands some time and nervers to findĀ  item (in this case car) you are looking for, but it will result in car that more valuable than price you paid (in Government auctions objects usually are sold as low as 30-50% of market value). This can get you real bargain

eBay. You can buy phones cases and clothes, but there are good deals on cars as well. See some real-time examples below:

[phpbay keywords="car" num="120" siteid="1" category="6001" sortorder="EndTimeSoonest" maxprice="600" templatename="columns" columns="4" itemsperpage="12" paging="true"]


In this price range visual defects are your least care.
Engine is at risk – in best case scenario you should drive car to maintenance for check – there you will get info on problems. If that isn’t possible – when driving listen for loud, sudden noises, especially when putting gas pedal down. Everything out of ordinary could mean engine problems

Electronics. Again, best option is to check car at service. Otherwise you must watch out for any error lights on panel, try turning on/off all possible option like radio, special lights, fans etc. Depending on car, fixing electronics can cost you little to price of another car, so is better to consult your mechanic/service shop.


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