Cars under $800

Cars under 800 for sale

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Cars under 800 dollars will be in driveable condition but will require repairing. How to buy best possible 800$ auto:

5 things to remember:

  • #1 – Clean title – beware of flooded,reconstructed cars. Check for actual mileage and whether car has any liens.
  • #2 – Know Where to Look – used car lots, classifieds like Craiglist,eBay, CarsDirect®, Government auctions
  • #3 – Ask Questions – If your state requires vehicle inspections, when was the last time the vehicle passed and will it again?  If the vehicle needs repairs, does the seller have an estimated cost of repair?
  • #4 – Go for a Test Drive – Always insist on test driving the car and take a mechanic along with you as they will quickly be able to spot potential issues with the car.
  • #5 – Include the Cost of Repairs – When it comes to used cars under $800, there is a good chance that repairs are needed.  In this case, it might be worth it to take the vehicle (while in the mist of a test drive) to a local auto repair shop

Don’t by lemon

Unsatisfactory or defective cars are called lemons. You don’t want to waste money on them, so here are suggestions how to buy best car possible.

Check the engine plate on the car corresponds with that given on the registration documents and that it has not been tampered with or changed.

Always inspect the bodywork in good light. Look for rust at the top and rear of the front wings, along the side sills, below front and rear bumpers and the bottoms of the doors.

Walk around the car and look along the doors and wings from each of the four corners.  Any crash repairs will show up if they have not been well done.  You will see ripples or a change in the texture of the paint if there is a lot of body filler underneath.  Take a small magnet with you, it will be attracted to metal but not to plastic body filler.  Look also for variations in the paint color.

f any repairs he thinks may be warranted.  You can then ask for the cost of these repairs to be deducted from the asked price.

Closing deal.

  • Make sure you’re educated about the additional costs of ownership e.g. insurance costs, approximate fuel expenses (considering fuel grade and fuel economy), expected maintenance costs, etc.
  • Ask to see vehicle documentation as required by your province
  • Discuss price and come to an agreement with the seller. If you’re offering less than the listed price, explain why and state your price. It may be related to what you found during your inspection.
  • The seller may reject your offer. If so and you’re not willing to pay more, tell the seller to give you a call if the car doesn’t sell and he/she re-considers your offer.
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