Government auctions

Ever wonder how does some lucky people get used cars for 50% or even less of their actual market value? How someone buys  Ford 150 not for 4000$ but only for 1200$? And it’s completely legal, cars are in very good shape. Well, there is no luck.

The ‘secret’ is Government auctions. Every year tens of  thousands of vehicles are being repossessed, seized, confiscated and many of them later auctioned. By the way, it also includes military vehicles Government don’t need anymore.

What’s repossession or seizing?

There are many ways cars being repossessed or seized. Car abounded in parking lots or streets, cars confiscated from drunk drivers, cars that people can’t pay loans for anymore. And finally,cars that are involved in criminal activities, they also get to gov auctions and are sold for ridiculously low prices.

Why so low prices?

I admit, first I discovered these auctions, I didn’t believe them. I saw good cars for 30% of their real value, 50%, even ridiculous 20%. It just seemed  impossible.
In reality, Government’s priority aren’t selling these cars for best price. It  isn’t their business.They just want to get rid of them, clear the warehouses.  And putting low price tag is best way to do it. So the car is sold as soon as possible and you can get it for super low price. Win-win, right?

Why isn’t everybody using Gov auctions?

As previously mentioned, this isn’t Government’s business, so it’s not advertised. And most people doesn’t care what happens to repossessed vehicles, so they don’t know about these auctions. From those who know, not everyone wants to participate in.
To sum it up, very few people uses Gov auctions so for you that allows to easily get those cars.

Where to find them?

Government auctions are held almost in every city and you can know about them by calling and asking, but in reality, it takes a lot of work. Finding right tel. numbers and calling itself. Would you want to call every day just to ask are there new Gov auctions?
Simplest is to use professional website, that collects up-to-date information about Government auctions – where are they held, what item are auctioned and how to participate.

I will tell you about 2 best websites, that provide such information. Bear in mind, they all require some payment, starting 30 bucks. If it’s to much for you, go and collect all info by yourself.
But if you want to see all info in place without any hassle , keep reading to find best services.
It’s really uneasy to stay unbiased, because this website has saved me at least 35 000 dollars. It offers comprehensive, up-to-date information about Gov auctions, info is search-able by keyword or state. And fee they require is almost next-to nothing. There is free trial, so really there is nothing to loose. And besides Government car auctions, there is also complete info about gov foreclosures and little items, like furniture, jewelry and such. It can save a fortune and while there aren’t much people knowing about them, it’s quit easy.
Another one, also good. Doesn’t offer free trial, has different payments (one time fixed, not monthly) and in my experience, has little bit less info than Still, good website and highly  recommendable.



Government auctions are good option if you want to save serious amount of money. They’re happening all around USA and every year thousands of cars are being auctioned for ridiculously low prices. Best way to get up-to-date information about them is to subscribe to one (or many, but really, one is enough) Gov auctions websites. They collect and publish all info about Gov auctions. You can subscribe, get that info and participate just like in any other auctions.

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